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When DuPont wanted an innovative way to showcase their GREAT STUFF™ products, they created a welcoming, real-life tiny home. They set out across the country to help customers learn how their products could eliminate common air leaks around the house. The tiny traveling home worked wonders. Our task was to create an equally engaging experience to reach customers online.

  • We created an immersive digital environment using panoramic renderings inspired by images of their real-life tiny house.
  • The tour invites customers to virtually “walk through” the space and explore insulation, sealing foams, gap fillers and more.
  • Customers are greeted with easy-to-use navigation so they can quickly move around and learn about the products.
  • Strategic color-coding of product hotspots help delineate which products are for professionals and homeowners.
  • The fully rendered, brand-centric tour goes everywhere – and is even used at in-person events to augment sales efforts and showcase new products.
  • Tracking visitor engagement and seeing what grabs attention is easy, thanks to the integration of Adobe Analytics.
Featured Services: Virtual Experiences
Dupont Virtual Tiny Home Interior
Dupont Rendered Virtual Tour
Dupont Virtual Tour Highlight
Dupont Rendered Tiny Home
Dupont Virtual Tiny Home Interior
Dupont Virtual Experience

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