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PowerSecure wanted to mimic an on-site campus tour to help customers experience and understand their microgrid technology, its application, scale, use, benefits and configuration. The online virtual tour needed to engage customers from the moment they entered the campus and guide them through the entire facility with ease.

  • Using on-site film footage and photography, we designed a 360° online virtual tour showcasing the advanced microgrid and PowerSecure facility.
  • During the virtual tour, prospects can “walk” in and out of the buildings on the microgrid and campus, allowing them to experience the size and scale.
  • Visitors can also access premium content along the way, for a more in-depth look at the various features and functions of the microgrid and PowerSecure’s PowerControl 24/7/365 remote monitoring.
  • Prospects can request a tour online. When the tour is ready to start, they are given a password to access the site. A PowerSecure sales representative is always available to meet them online and guide them through the tour.
  • The tour has been so successful that PowerSecure is now expanding it to include their manufacturing facility. They will also use the tour technology to create a QuickStart Guide for their PowerBlock® Mobile field operators.
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PowerSecure Virtual Tour

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