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Osteoid’s award-winning imaging products combine industry-leading clarity and intuitive features, making them a top choice for dentists, radiologists, and oral surgeons. We wanted their 20×20 trade show booth to do the same thing – elevate their high-tech, clinical innovation while creating an inviting, organic space for conversation.

  • We warmed up Osteoid’s exhibit booth with rich tones of blues, pops of earthy oranges and warm wood tones.
  • A FilzFelt braided wool hanging divider is made from a biodegradable and renewable material. It helps define the space, soften the hard structural elements, and reduce noise from the aisle.
  • Branded planter boxes added living interest and a cozy area for one-on-one conversations.
  • A small coffee table was custom crafted in the shape of the Osteoid logo, providing the perfect resting space for a laptop or a drink.
  • The demo area was stationed at a 45-degree angle, allowing more seating for software demos.
  • The one-of-a-kind lit, plexiglass showcase is topped with a dimensional brand mark. It draws attention to the 3D-printed molds their software creates and is visible from both aisles.
  • A tall vertical wall offered video content on both sides, grabbing visitors’ attention from inside the booth and while walking in the aisle.
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Osteoid Custom Trade Show Reception Desk
Osteoid Custom Trade Show Reception Desk
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Osteoid Custom Island Trade Show Exhibit
Osteoid Custom Trade Show Exhibit
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Osteoid Custom Display Case
Osteiod Custom Trade Show Booth

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