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WordPress is a very powerful CMS (Content Management System). What we love about WordPress is its flexibility. It separates content from design and makes it really easy to update these two different components of a site separately.

Recently, I stumbled across four beautiful WordPress sites that I had to share. All of these sites are proof that you can create unique, eye-catching sites with WordPress.


ArtDog Gallery is based in South East London and is an international gallery that represents artist from London, UK and New England, USA. This site utilizes a beautiful gallery style layout on their homepage. As you expand or shrink your browser, the images jump from their spots and realign in different arrangements, which creates a living and interactive homepage. The interior pages of the site are very clean and beautifully display various pieces of art.

Eating in Sydney

Eating in Sydney, is a guide to restaurants, bars and cafes from across Sydney and beyond. This site is interactive and informative, providing visitors with reviews, ratings, and photos on all things food in Sydney. What I particularly love about this site is the fixed image in the background that pokes through and around the various boxes of content. The bright, colorful and useful ribbon navigation in the top of right of the screen is also another unique and beautiful element of the site.

Middle Mojo

Middle Mojo is a place to talk about creativity and aging. Founder Joan Anderman started the site when she wanted to find out what happens to creative artists over time and explore what happens when older people become creative. The homepage on this site is what caught my attention. The bright colors, square layout and hand drawn navigation draw you into the site.

Octavo Designs

Octavo Designs is a graphic design firm located in Frederick, Maryland. Not only was I blown away by the beautiful graphics and vintage colors used throughout their website but I also liked their horizontal scrolling design. With most websites designed to scroll vertically, it is nice to find one that breaks the norm and makes you want to keep scrolling to see more. They also added navigation on the left to bring you quickly to the information you are looking for without scrolling.

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