It’s all in the details

This stage and demo area were designed for one-on-one engagement and high-impact, product education. We set out to create a sleek space that would encourage investors to take a closer look at the products and learn more about the company’s ongoing innovation:

  • A dynamic stage was crafted with white overlapping panels and halo lighting, giving a futuristic, clean and modern look to the space, while allowing the products to be the star of the s.
  • Demo areas were fabricated with acrylic and laminate to underscore the high-tech brand of the company.
  • The centerpiece of the display area was a one-of-a-kind 3D acrylic car that highlighted how Wolfspeed is pushing electric vehicles ahead of the curve.
  • Edge lighting on acrylic pieces created a sophisticated mix of depth and shadow that invited investors into the space.
  • Engineered for practicality, the back wall of the stage was crafted with tension fabric to keep the design light and easy to break down.
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