Standout Trade Show Exhibit

8 Ways to Stand Out on the Show Floor

And Attract More Visitors To Your Booth

You’ve planned this for months, and the big day is here. The graphics are up, the demos are positioned, the sales team is ready, the doors open – and crickets. Nothing is worse than showing up on the trade show floor and seeing customers pass you by, or crowd into other areas while you pace an empty booth.

It’s competitive out there, for sure. Attendees spend an average of 9 hours on the show floor visiting exhibits. While that seems like good news for exhibitors, the trouble is show-fatigue. After just a few hours of endless swag and countless booths, everything begins to blend together. So how can you stand out? How can you be seen across a crowded room, remembered in a sea of competitors, turn strangers into customers, and leave behind a lasting impression? Here are 8 proven techniques to help you stand out in a crowd:

1.   Evoke Emotion

The problem with many booths is that they feel bland. Even when using evocative imagery and bright colors, they can fail to create an emotional response. Creating a unique and powerful focal point can help visitors feel something – wonder, wow, awe, surprise, delight, or even mystery. Whether it’s a towering arch or interesting mood lighting, giving your space a central “exclamation point” can help you entice visitors in and leave them thinking of you, long after the show has ended.

Lulu Custom Inline Trade Show Booth

2.   Take Advantage of Vertical Space

The moment your visitors enter the trade show hall, they are bombarded with sights and sounds. By using vertical space, you can dominate a crowded hall by towering above the fray, making your brand really soar. With careful engineering and smart design, you can defy gravity and make a powerful impact.

Wolfspeed trade show booth header

3.   Light Their Way

Lighting packs a big punch on the trade show floor and offers all kinds of ways to define spaces. From backlit displays and inlaid graphics, to reception areas and conversation nooks, lighting in a booth creates an instant mood and leaves a lasting impression. Whether you want to spotlight a product or accent a graphic, lighting options range from subtle to show-stopping, giving you a variety of ways to make your booth both approachable and memorable.

Seoul custom trade show booth with LED lighting

4.   Engage Every Guest

The most important thing you can do at a trade show is engage with your visitors. If you can get them to participate, you will have created far more than a booth. You will have created an experience that they will really remember! Think out of the box to generate excitement and to get your visitors to engage. One way to do this is to create fun and unique kiosks where visitors will actually want to interact with your product, like these product demo areas we cleverly disguised as vintage arcade machines.

Tenable interactive trade show booth

5.   Combine Interesting Materials

Good design requires contrast, so don’t be afraid to mix materials. From high-end, brushed metals to beautiful, rich woods; from modern acrylics to soft and rounded fabrics; the best exhibit booths delight the senses and change things up to define spaces and highlight brands.

Crispin trade show exhibit booth - NAB

6.   Use Unique Shapes

Gone are the days of static, one-note graphics. Today, dimension rules!  By using innovative materials and custom designs, you can create sculptural elements that stand out from the crowd. Billowing fabric shapes, rounded reception desks, S-shaped backdrops – the only limit is your imagination.

7.   Get Underfoot

We are often surprised how frequently we see exhibits that fail to use every last inch of their space to create impact. One common area people overlook is flooring. That’s a shame, because gorgeous inlaid woods and a surprising range of materials can be used in innovative ways to define areas within a single space. Or, they can be used to create real drama the moment your visitor steps in your booth.

Green trade show booth with custom inlay carpet

8.   Encourage Sales

Creating spaces within your booth to encourage visitors to interact with your product is great. But, don’t forget you also want to encourage dialogue between your sales team and your audience. Think about whether your space requires places for privacy, for one-one-one conversations, or for presentations and meetings. Producing well thought out seating areas can encourage sales and deepen audience engagement.

Conversa custom trade show booth

If you want to learn more about how to create a booth that will really wow, woo, and win over your audience, give us a call.  Our design team can walk you through some inspiring ideas to help you bring your vision to life!