Seoul custom tradeshow booth


To Create Eye-Catching Trade Show Booths

Thanks to innovative materials, brilliant lighting, and improved printing technology, fabric graphics are taking center stage in trade show and exhibit design. Here are few of our favorite things about fabric graphics for your trade show booth.

Vivid, High Impact Color

With continual advances in dye-sublimation printing, you can make your trade show booth shine with vibrant, saturated, eye-catching, edge-to-edge fabric graphics. Up close or across the showroom floor, your colors and images stay crisp, clean, powerful, and true to brand.

Lightweight & Heavy Duty

We love the ease and longevity of fabric graphics for trade show booths! It offers the advantage of being lightweight. It is also less prone to damage than hard panel graphics, which can more easily get scratched after multiple uses. Fabric keeps your graphics looking brand-new, because then can easily be spot cleaned by wiping them with a damp cloth or can even be sent out for a full cleaning.

Lulu custom inline booth with SEG graphics

Looks Expensive, Stays Affordable

With neatly finished corners and sew lines that are hidden within the extrusion system, Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG) technology is being used to create seamless back walls, kiosks, light boxes and custom artwork for a high quality, custom look. Graphics are held taut in the frame, making them indistinguishable from hard panel graphics when viewed at a distance. But unlike their hard panel counterparts, fabric graphics are so lightweight, they keep your shipping costs manageable.

Builder Mutual booth with SEG graphics

Seamless, Larger-than-Life Graphics

One of the biggest advantages of Silicon Edge Graphics is the ability to cover extremely large surfaces of  a trade show booth with a single graphic. We have installed wall murals that were 8 feet tall by 70 feet long! You can even wrap these graphics around corners for a totally seamless look. Apply that same giant, seamless graphic to a pillowcase frame and surround yourself in possibilities.

Crispin Large Fabric SEG Graphic

Beautiful, Swooping Curves

Curve it, shape it, swoop it to create dimension and pop. With pillowcase fabric graphics, you can create some spectacular visual designs. These trade show displays have a tube frame structure that can be shaped in unique ways. As a result, they create some of the most visually interesting booths by using shapes that are not easy to achieve with other hard materials.

Sky High Signage

Fabric allows you to utilize vertical space in dynamic ways on the trade show floor to create a real wow-factor. Dimensional, curved and flat tensioned fabric signs and panels can be hung from the ceiling to grab attention and keep your brand soaring above the competition.

Myers Hanging Sign

Light it Up

Fabric displays not only allow you to create custom shapes, they invite another layer of dimension when combined with backlighting. When lights shine through fabric graphics, you get a myriad of brilliant affects. From a hint of lighting designed to set a mood or spotlight a product or message, to dynamic motion lighting that will appear to animate your graphics – fabric graphics let the brilliance of your story shine through.

Delta Hanging Sign with Lights

Change Your Look As Often As You’d Like

Silicone edge graphics can quickly be changed out thanks to pre-installed tabs that allow you to remove the graphic from the frame. With the ease of interchangeability, you could create a completely new and unique look for each day of your event, without breaking the bank.

DCVB SEG Fabric Graphic