Social Distancing Protective Barriers

Social Distancing Solutions

Preparing Your Space for Returning to Work

In response to the pandemic, we introduced a new initiative to help companies implement social distancing solutions in the office. As we have been working with clients to implement these solutions, we wanted to share an update on what has been resonating with our clients and show some examples of recent installations.

Visualizing the Solution

The first challenge that we have encountered in speaking with clients is that they are not sure exactly what they need. They find it difficult to decide where to begin and to visualize the right solution. With our site visits, we are able to look at their space through a fresh set of eyes and identify the most important areas to address. We’ve also been able to assist by showing before and after renderings so they can see what needs to change.

Social Distancing Barriers for Cubicles - Before & After

Finding the Perfect Fit

The other big challenge we hear from folks is that they need something to fit the specific dimensions of their space. Recognizing that these are solutions they may need to keep in place for a good amount of time, they want to make sure they fit appropriately to the size of their reception areas and workspaces. The good news is that everything we produce is made to size. Our team comes to your space, takes measurements and then prepares drawings so we can cut the barriers using our CNC machine.

Gaining Compliance

Another key component for returning to the office is ensuring compliance with new policies and procedures. One of the first steps is to ensure that people understand what the procedures are the moment they enter the space. This includes policies regarding masks, maintaining appropriate distance from others, washing hands, etc. While it still may be necessary to remind people to adhere to these policies, signage can provide a constant visual reminder.

Social distancing signage

Some Recent Installations

Pacific Western Bank’s office at the American Tobacco Campus in Durham has a very unique vibe with its exposed ductwork, brick and mix of unique materials. They wanted to be sure that any protective barriers would not take away from that or feel like an afterthought. We created one barrier to shield the area where visitors typically approach the receptionist and added a second set of panels to add protection to the adjoining workspace. In addition, we created a barrier to provide separation from the kitchen area where they serve beverages. The end result – the barriers seamlessly extend the existing surfaces.

Social distancing protective barriers for office reception area

The Future of the Workspace

When we launched our initiative, our managing partner, Cathy Hofknecht, was featured on WRAL News, where she was asked how the panademic will change our workspaces. The first clip is part of a story on two approaches to office safety. The second is a one-on-one interview with Gerald Owens.

WRAL TechWire also published an exclusive Q&A titled “Durham firm designs a post-pandemic office with an emphasis on social distancing“. In the article, Cathy talked about how the company pivoted to develop these new social distancing solutions, as well as how the Neu Concepts can help clients produce virtual events by utilizing specially designed sets that can serve as the perfect backdrop. Read the full article.