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RetailNOW is the #1 retail IT tradeshow, so exhibitors get serious when it rolls around every year. We created a custom trade show booth for Toshiba for the 2021 show in Nashville. Our vision – represent the brick & mortar stores that use Toshiba’s technology.

  • Beautiful white, faux brick walls fit together seamlessly, furthering the illusion of a single, upscale, built retail environment.
  • The towers were crafted in modular sections to accommodate booth heights ranging from 14 to 16 feet.
  • A sleek, pergola slat-wall creates separation between demo areas without blocking sight lines. This makes the booth feel modern, open, and spacious.
  • A lush wall of faux greenery punctuated by a cool neon sign reflects the Nashville vibe. It provides the perfect backdrop for visitor selfies.
  • Inset metal and wood display shelves reinforce the retail experience. Tasseled pillows and accessories in natural tones soften the hard edges.
  • The booth includes ample counter space so booth staff can demonstrate Toshiba’s full range of POS systems.
  • Signage was designed to be modular so Toshiba can easily update messaging for different shows.
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Custom Trade Show Exhibit
Custom Exhibit Edge Lit Counter
Custom Exhibit Open Shelving
Custom Exhibit Pergola
Custom Faux Greenery Wall
Custom Exhibit Brick Facade

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