New Spin On a Lead Retrieval System

Looking to add that “wow” factor to your next trade show booth? Leading Reach is a relatively new technology that helps companies generate more leads while adding a little spice to their booths.

Leading Reach, developed by Sparksight and offered by SmartSource Rentals, is an easy-to-use digital advertising system that provides real-time visibility increasing the effectiveness of your digital marketing at trade shows and conferences. Sounds a lot like a lead retrieval system, only better!

Lets take a look at this new product:

It All Begins With an Upload

Did you know that 60%-85% of all printed trade show material gets thrown out before it is read? Not only is your content not making it off the exhibit floor, you are generating a lot of waste. Leading Reach eliminates the use of printed material by allowing attendees to send your content to their email. You simply upload your material into their cloud-based content management system. In addition to print content, you can add all sorts of digital media including videos, presentations and more.

Steal the Show with Your Wow Factor

So how do attendees interact with your content? The creators of Leading Reach have partnered with SmartSource to integrate the latest touch screen technology with their software. You have the option to choose large touch screen monitors, multiple smaller touch screens, handheld touch screens or a combination of all three throughout your booth. An attendee visiting your booth simply types their contact information or swipes their badge to start interacting with your content library. Once the person finds what they are looking for, they can email the content to themselves so it is waiting for them when they arrive back at the office.

In the End, You Get Sale Ready Leads

As people interact with your content, Leading Reach tracks what content is actually connecting with your customers. All of this data is collected in real time so other members of your sales team who are not at the show receive sale ready leads as they are happening. After content has been sent to a potential customer’s computer, the software tracks if that person has opened the email, how many times they looked at your content and when was the last time they viewed it.

Here are Some Key Features:

  • Manage your print and multimedia content online
  • Manage and monitor video loops, surveys, interactive presentations or other media
  • Allow attendees to request the specific content they want
  • User-friendly, touch screen interface allows attendees to quickly navigate through content
  • Leads become visible in real-time from the trade show floor and can be delivered to Sales with the push of a button
  • Lead Ranking System tracks which content is being accessed the most often.
  • Less time organizing content for customers, and more time engaging with them directly

What I love about this product is the ability for a company to change material quickly even while they are at a show. Nothing is worse than being out on the trade show floor and handing out material that is already out-of-date. If someone within the sales team wants to update a document or post a new video, they can do it quickly and get new information on the exhibit floor in no time.

Exhibiting is all about generating leads and engaging with prospects. Leading Reach provides a great way to bring the conversation online so that you can keep it going long after the event.

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