Creating Eye-Catching Trade Show Booths with Fabric Graphics

Thanks to new innovative materials and improved printing technology, fabric graphics are now taking center stage in trade show and exhibit design.

With the introduction of Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG) technology, fabric is being used to create seamless back walls, kiosk, light boxes and custom artwork. These high-resolution fabric graphics are finished with a silicone strip that is sewn directly to the edge of the graphic so that it can be inserted into a frame with a recessed grove.

Combining High Quality & Durability

With neatly finished corners and sew lines that are hidden within the extrusion system, SEG graphics create a high quality, custom look. Graphics are held taunt in the frame, making them indistinguishable from hard panel graphics when viewed at a distance. They offer the advantage of being lightweight, easy-to-ship (since they can be folded up), and less prone to damage (the surfaces of hard panel graphics can easily get scratched and the edges can get banged up).

Vivid, Eye-Popping Colors

Thanks to advances in dye-sublimation printing, it’s possible to produce vibrant, saturated, eye-popping graphics. To ensure your graphics always look great, you can spot clean them by wiping it with a damp cloth or send them out for a full cleaning.

Seamless, Larger-than-Life Graphics

One of the biggest advantages of silicon edge graphics is the ability to cover extremely large surfaces with a single graphic. We have installed wall murals that were 8 feet tall by 70 feet long. You can even wrap these graphics around corners for a totally seamless look.

Change Your Look As Often As You Like

Silicone edge graphics can quickly be changed out thanks to pre-installed tabs that allow you to remove the graphic from the frame. With the ease of interchangeability, you could create a completely new and unique look for each day of your event.

Go Green in Style

For companies looking to go green, there is a growing list of fabric options that are created from recycled materials. In addition to creating an environmentally friendly booth, you’ll reduce transportation and storage space.

Still not sure if silicon edge graphics are right for you? Check out this video for a more in depth look at the graphic system.

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