Creating an Effective Facebook Business Page

Creating a Facebook business page is fairly straight forward – simply create a page, add a logo and fill in some information about your company. But how do you turn it into an effective tool that represents your brand, engages visitors and generates more leads? With these 4 easy tips, you can turn your business page from ordinary to extraordinary.

#1. Welcome Page

For starters, it is a great idea to create a custom tab for your business page that welcomes visitors, gives them more information about your company and encourages them to ‘like’ your page. Creating a custom welcome page or landing page for your visitors or fans is really easy. To help you out, we created a step-by-step tutorial,  Creating a Facebook Landing Page that explains how to build a custom page using the Wildfire app.

#2. Photo Strip

Another way to brand your page is to customize the photo strip at the top of your business profile page. Since an image is worth a thousand words and this photo strip is in prime real estate on your page, it is a great way to communicate more about your brand. If you need some help getting started, check out our tutorial, Branding Your Facebook Business Page. On our Facebook page, we decided to display pictures of our team to give all of our fans and visitors an inside look into the people behind our brand.

#3. Applications and Custom-Built Tabs

Once you have added all of your branding and photographs, it’s time to create a richer and more engaging experience for your visitors. This can be done by adding applications and custom-built tabs that allow you to place other types of content on your page. There are many applications and plug-ins you can use to create custom apps or canvases to display on your Facebook page. When you create your own app or canvas, you are in total control of customization on the page. On our Facebook page, we created a custom tab that automatically displays our latest blog posts. It’s a great way to share content and also encourage visitors to check out our website. Plus it is features our branding and no third party links or credits.

#4. Engage!

The whole reason for establishing a presence on any social media site is to engage with people who are interested in your company or products. You want to start conversations and generate buzz worthy content to make your Facebook page and brand more personal. It is important to respond to comments, both negative and positive, about your brand. Engaging with your visitors is the most important step in this whole process to keep your Facebook page fresh. After all, there is a reason they call it “Social Media”.

Fun Fact: Did you know that your business page can ‘like’ other business pages? This is really important for all companies, but especially business-to-business companies. If you are an administrator on your business page, you can use Facebook as your business to like other companies. Once you have a liked a company on Facebook through your business page, you can tag that company in posts and write on their wall. This is a great way to engage with your clients or interact with other businesses you have met. Now that is a fun fact!


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