Weekly Roundup: January 23, 2012

Keeping up with the latest marketing, social media, web design and trade show can be a bit of a challenge especially when you are juggling a busy work schedule. That is why we created the Weekly Roundup. Check out these eight great articles from last week:

#1.  New Google Users Now Forced to Join Google+

New users signing up for a Google account have no other choice but to join Google+. Now anyone with a Google account can be counted as a member of the new social network whether he or she is active or not. Has Google finally gone to far?

#2. 4 Simple Steps to Get Ramped Up With Mobile Marketing

With more than 200 million mobile subscribers, mobile phones are playing a critical role in company marketing strategies. If you are a newcomer to mobile marketing, here are four simple steps that will get your company mobile-tech savvy in no time.

#3. 11 Useful Tips for Marketing Your Brand on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become the defacto platform for building your professional network. It is also a valuable, but underutilized platform for promoting businesses and brands. Check out these 11 useful tips and start marketing your brand on LinkedIn.

#4. 10 Creative Ways to Use QR Codes for Marketing

With the widespread use of smartphones, customers are using QR codes more than ever. There is definite potential for these codes to reach consumers and be used effectively in mobile marketing strategies. To get inspired for your own QR code use, here are 10 creative ways QR codes have been used in marketing.

#5. Marketing Emergency: Nobody’s Making Content Worth Reading

Content is king, but only if you are creating content that appeals to the interest of your customers, shareholders, suppliers or even employees. Right now B2B marketers are in a real marketing emergency creating and producing content that is not worth reading.

#6. 4 Strategic Requirements for Corporate Tweeting

Since Twitter’s speed, capacity and influence currently outsize any other social media channel, it deserves its own strategic plan within a company’s broader digital media plan. If your corporation plans on tweeting, here are four strategic requirements you might want to consider.

#7. 12 “Truths” About Social in 2012 Noted at CES

It should come as no surprise that the social media landscape is affecting us all. Based on a series of research studies across 19 different countries, McCann Truth Central has complied a list of 12 “truths” about social media and how it is impacting consumers and brands.

#8. A Stand-Out Small Exhibit

You don’t need a large booth to make a big statement at your next show. To make a splash with your smaller booth, here are five tactics for making a bang with your exhibit.