Weekly Roundup: August 22, 2011

Are you interested in web design, exhibits, marketing and social media? Don’t have enough time to keep up with all the news? We’ve got you covered! Each week we compile a list of our favorite articles and serve it up in the Weekly Roundup. Here are our top 10 articles from last week:

#1. 8 Tips for Small Business Homepage Design

For small businesses, your website’s homepage is your calling card. Here are 8 tips to ensure that your home page makes a positive impression.

#2. Borders: A Brand Lesson Before Dying?

Never underestimate the power of the Internet to totally alter your business reality. This is just one of several lessons we can learn from the demise of Borders.

#3. Using Facebook for Public Relations

Thinking about incorporating Facebook into your PR strategy? The key to success is finding the right balance in your communications while respecting individual preferences and boundaries.

#4. Portfolio: Designer Fabrics

Today, the use of fabrics in exhibits goes  beyond wall-dividers and overhead signage. These eye-catching elements are colorful, customizable and curvy! Check out these six exhibits that have created unique booths with tension fabric.

#5. 5 Internet Marketing Metrics Not to Obsess Over

Analytics are key to any part of inbound marketing, but which metrics should you pay attention to and which should you ignore? The folks over at HubSpot have compiled a list of 5 metrics that probably aren’t worth your time.

#6. 5 Steps to Get your Business Ready for Mastering Google+

Although Google Plus is still in a limited field trial, there is no doubt that once it goes mainstream,  B2B companies need to participate in the conversation. Here are 5 steps to get your business ready for mastering Google Plus.

#7. Social Media: Don’t Just Attract Followers – Engage Them

Creating an emotional bond between you and your followers on social media is what will keep them coming back for more. Here are some strategies to help you engage with your followers.

#8. The Social Media Key to Small Business Success (Infographic)

Entrepreneurs are embracing social media as an economical way to increase sales and improve customer service. For more details on how small businesses are using social media, check out this great infographic by CreditDonkey.

#9. 5 Tips for Driving Facebook Fans to Your Website

Do you want your Facebook audience to engage more on your website? Here are five suggestions to help you drive more traffic from Facebook to your website.

#10. Your Brand Narrative

Your brand is a narrative about your product. This article compares the stories being told by Coors and Corona – providing some valuable lessons on what to do and what not to do.