Web Design, Trade Show & Marketing Roundup: May 14, 2012

Ever feel like you might have missed a great piece of advice or news article? We understand that you have very busy schedule and that is why each week we scour the web looking for noteworthy articles you might have missed. Every Monday, we highlight great articles from last week’s news and share them here in our roundup. Here are five great articles that are worthy of your attention.

#1. How to Optimize Your Headlines for Google and Humans

Crafting headlines should be a key component of your SEO strategy. Although search-engine spiders that crawl your site may not understand or appreciate irony, humor or style, you should write catchy headlines for humans that are still search engine friendly. Read some of these headlines from leading news organizations that range from bad to best.

#2. Don’t Just Pin Images, Optimize For Pinterest

Looking for ways to connect with your customers, make your company a resource, drive more traffic and sell more of your products? Then you should be on Pinterest. Considered one of the fastest growing websites on the web, Pinterst is a noteworthy social network. Here are some great tips to optimize all of your brand’s pins.

#3. How B2B Marketers Can Succeed on the 6 Big Social Networks

Are you a B2B marketer? Have you been struggling to find your brand’s place on social media? HubSpot did an excellent job breaking down how to be successful on the top six social networks – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest. Start tapping into these great resources today.

#4. The Best and Worst Times to Share on Facebook, Twitter

You have worked hard finding and generating content to share on your social networks. Now you want those links to stick and generate some buzz. Sot when is the best time to share links so they generate the most traction? Check out some of these statistics from Facebook and Twitter and learn when your company should be sharing.

#5. The 10 Greatest Marketing Campaigns of All Time

There is no better way to jump-start your next marketing campaign than with a little inspiration. To get your creative juices going, here are 10 of the best marketing campaigns of all time.