Web Design, Trade Show & Marketing Roundup: June 4, 2012

We found a lot of great articles last week that are worthy of your attention! Find out what was happening in web design, social media, trade show exhibits and marketing with our roundup. Never miss a great article again.

#1. 10 Insanely Clickable Banner Ads

Thinking about promoting your business with banner ads? Modern day marketers are hoping to redefine this medium and get readers to click by developing ads that are anything but boring. Check out these 10 great examples and get inspired for your next banner ad campaign.

#2. Social Media Marketing up 90 Percent for Exhibit, Event Promotion

Here is a fun fact: in two years, the use of social media in exhibiting programs has increased almost 90%. That is a huge increase in brands engage with potential customers online both before and after their offline events. Are you using social media at your next exhibit or event promotion?

#3. At Last! Facebook Allows Pages to Schedule Posts, Assign Admin Roles

Last week, Facebook rolled out a few new nifty features: promoted posts, ability to schedule future posts and assign roles to page admins. All of these new features make it even easier for brands to manage their social media presence. Learn about these new Facebook features and start taking advantage of them today.

#4. Eyes on Pinterest: How People Look At Your Boards

How do people look at your Pinterest boards? Are users drawn to the left-hand side of the page? Here are some interesting observations from Mashable’s eye-tracking study to help enhance you brands presence on Pinterest.

#5. Stop Confusing Social Media Marketing With Advertising On Social Sites

When General Motors pulled their ads from Facebook, a lot of stories started flying around that GM left Facebook for good or de-friended the social media giant. This could not be further from the truth. Find out how GM is doing away with the old rules of marketing and public relations and embracing the new rules of engaging online with potential customers.

#6. Ideas that Work

Ever think about using the allure of cuddly kittens in your trade show booth to draw some attention? Maybe kittens are not the best idea for your brand, but it is always a good idea to be creative when trying to draw attention to your booth at a trade show or event. Get inspired by checking out these four great examples of businesses that generated a lot of buzz around their booth by thinking outside the box.