Web Design, Trade Show & Marketing Roundup: April 9, 2012

Young Business Professional Drinking Coffee and Reading on ComputerEach week we scour the web looking for the latest articles about web design, trade show and marketing that will help you grow your business. Here are six noteworthy articles from last week.

#1. In This Bright SEO Future, Don’t Forget the Basics

Google is constantly tweaking and updating their search algorithm to help people find the most appropriate answers on the web. Even though Google’s algorithm is always changing, there are some basic good SEO practices that never change, so don’t forget the basics when you start building your SEO strategy.

#2. Want to Be More Creative? Get Bored.

How do you solve an insurmountable challenge? When do your breakthrough moments occur? Under a pile of work or during moments of solitude? Taking a little time to get bored may be just the help you need to be more creative.

#3. 4 Facebook Features Marketers Can’t Afford to Ignore

Facebook provides some very powerful community management components for marketers. Often these metrics go unnoticed and are don’t get used to schedule updates and monitor a brand’s presence on Facebook. Check out four Facebook features that marketers can’t afford to ignore.

#4. What’s Better – On-page SEO or Link-building?

Where should you put your SEO budget? In on-page SEO or link-building? The honest answer is that it depends. Read through these four case studies to see how SEO strategies were developed to help each brand.

#5. How to Track Social Media Traffic With Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very powerful tool that helps you see how visitors are engaging with your brand. But did you know that you can track social media traffic? Learn how to use Google Analytics to identify traffic from social media sites.

#6. Eye Movement Study Reveals Six Must-Know Things About Facebook Brand Pages

After Facebook shifted all brand pages to timeline, a study was conducted to track user eye movements when they visited a web-based brand page. Here are six big takeaways from the study that brands can learn from.