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Web Design, Trade Show & Marketing Roundup: June 17, 2013

weekly-roundup-june-17We found a lot of great articles last week that are worthy of your attention! Find out what is new in web design, social media, trade show exhibits and marketing with our roundup. Never miss a great article again.

#1. Google: In Future, Pages With Bad Mobile SEO Won’t Rank As Well In Mobile Search

Is your website optimized for mobile? If your website has mobile experience issues, Google will not rank your site as high in mobile or smartphone search results. With changes coming to their algorithm, it is now more important than ever to think about your mobile presence.

#2. Facebook Launches Clickable Hashtags #Finally

Last week, Facebook announced it would begin rolling out functional, clickable hashtags. Content discovery has been a major weakness for Facebook, but now there is hope that the social network is making changes to improve. Learn about what Facebook has in store for hashtags and pick up a few hashtagging tips for marketers.

#3. Hashtag Marketing: How Brands Are Using Hashtags to Engage Across Platforms

A well-used hashtag can be a great way for brands to spread a marketing message across multiple platforms. Here is a break down of hashtag basics and how brands like Kmart and Visa are using hashtags to talk to a wider audience on multiple platforms.

#4. 5 Tools for Creating Your Own Infographics

Are you looking for ways to visualize your data? Infographics are a great way to visually tell a data story and with the rise of images in marketing, infographics can be another tool your brand can use to visually communicate with your target audience. Check out these 5 tools for creating your own infographic today.

#5. 10 Tips for Company Color Schemes

Choosing what colors to represent your company can be a tough challenge, especially if you are in startup mode and do not have a large budget to spend on branding. Determining what colors represent your brand is a lot more complex than you might think. Here are 10 tips that will help you pick the right colors that represent your product and appeal to your demographic.

Web Design, Trade Show & Marketing Roundup: June 10, 2013

weekly-roundup-jun10Summer is almost here! Before you mentally clock out to dream about your vacations and lazy summer days, check out these five noteworthy articles from last week about web design, trade show exhibits and social.

#1. Five Components You Should Include In Your Trade Show Social Media Plan

If you are planning to use social media at your next trade show, you will need to develop a plan that will include how your social media activity will be monitored. Here are a few tips on how to develop a plan that will make sure you efforts are not in vain.

#2. How to Use Pinterest Rich Pins: What Marketers Need to Know

Pinterest is continuing to expand functionality for businesses. In their latest additions they added rich pins, which allow users to include more information about pinned images. Learn how to get the most from Pinterest rich pins.

#3. 5 Pillars of Successful Mobile Design

With smart phone sales skyrocketing, designing for mobile has been a hot topic in the web design community. Users want fast, immersive mobile experiences. If you are thinking about taking your site mobile, you should check out these five design tips for a successful mobile design.

#4. Paradoxos – Maximum Collisions of People & Ideas

Paradoxos, the two-day festival that celebrated the power of ideas, collaboration and what’s to come happened last week in Durham, NC. Cathy and I had a chance to listen to the discussion called The Next to find out what is to come for public health, arts, technology, agriculture and more. Check out the website for a recap of the events/sessions and stay tuned in to find out what more is coming next year.

Web Design, Trade Show & Marketing Roundup: June 3, 2013

weekly-june3-2013We found a lot of great articles last week that are worth a read. Find out what has been happening in web design, social media, trade show exhibits and marketing with our roundup. Never miss a great article again!

#1. WordPress is Now 10 Years Old

We love WordPress and last week it celebrated its 10th year anniversary! With nearly 70 million websites running WordPress it is easy to see the impact this software has had on the web. Mashable put together a wonderful gallery of images that show how WordPress has evolved over the years and you can check it out by clicking the link above. Happy Birthday WordPress!

#2. 3 Creative Ways Brands Are Using Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way to engage with your target audience and build your online presence. If you are looking for some creative ways to use this image-sharing platform, take a look at what these three brands are creatively doing to get some inspiration for your own brand’s account.

#3. Goal Setting for Trade Show Social Media

What are your goals for each of your trade shows regarding social media marketing? Are you trying to increase booth traffic, gain more followers on Twitter or see how many people scan your QR code? Learn how to set social media marketing goals for your next trade show to see which efforts are working and which ones are not making the cut.

#4. 5 Tips to Design the Best YouTube Channel Page

Uploading your videos on YouTube is a great start in putting your brand out there for people to see and interact with. To really make an impact on this video sharing platform and put your best foot forward, you will need to consider crafting your channel page. Here are some great tips in boosting your YouTube profile.

#5. 8 Keys to a Successful Local Business Website

Local businesses tend to struggle with developing a site that can be found in search engines, provides information, and establishes trust. If you are a local business looking to boost your online presence, here are eight key considerations you should keep in mind to ensure your website is a success.

Web Design, Trade Show & Marketing Roundup: May 13, 2013

weekly-roundup-image-may13Ever feel like you might have missed a great piece of advice or news article? We understand that you have very busy schedule and that is why each week we scour the web looking for noteworthy articles about web design, trade show exhibits and marketing from last week’s news and share them here in our roundup. Here are five great articles that are worthy of your attention.

#1. Exhibiting 101: Contractor Confusion

A confusing aspect of the exhibiting industry is understanding the various contractors on the trade show floor. To help you understand who is who, here is an explanation of the relationship among show organizes, show managers and the four most common contractors on the show floor.

#2. Common Usability Errors to Avoid at All Costs

The most critical aspect of your website is usability. You want web visitors to find your site easy to navigate and quickly accomplish their goals. Unfortunately, you cannot please all site visitors but there are some standards in place that can help ensure good usability. Here are the top three usability errors and why you should avoid them at all costs.

#3. Why is Facebook Blue? The Science Behind Colors in Marketing

How do colors really affect us? According to some of the latest research, simply changing the color of a button can impact users behavior. Learn how the colors you choose can impact your website and brand design.

#4. Twelve Tricks for Tabletops

Tabletops have often been disregarded and classified as insignificant when it comes to trade show exhibits. These nimble, lightweight and often cost effective exhibits can make a big impact at a show and offer you a huge return on investment. With these 12 tips you can learn how to make the most out of your exhibiting experience with a tabletop.

#5. How to Use Pinterest Analytics: 6 Metrics Worth Measuring

If your business is using Pinterest to reach your target audience than it is critical for you to understand if the time you are spending on this visual social networking is generating results. Learn how to use Pinterest Analytics and find out what content is resonating with your customers.


Did you stumble upon a great read last week? Feel free to share in the comments below.

Web Design, Trade Show & Marketing Roundup: May 6, 2013

weekly-roundup-may-6Staying up-to-date on the latest web design, marketing and trade show exhibit news can be a challenge when you are trying to get through your busy workday. To help you out we created our roundup, which highlights noteworthy articles from last week about web design, trade show exhibits and marketing. Here are a few articles worthy of your attention.

#1. Dusting The Website For Spring: Optimization and SEO Cleaning

Spring is here! What better way to spend these rainy days here in North Carolina than with a little spring cleaning on your website. Improve your presence on the web by adjusting, adding or removing a few SEO problems that might have crept up over the last year.

#2. How Hashtagging Your Instagram Photos Makes them More Popular

Studies have found that there is a strong correlation between hashtags and likes when it comes to Instagram photos. The more you tag your photos, the more likely you will get noticed on the image-sharing platform. With new features that allow you to tag not only people but also brands, Instagram is quickly becoming a social network brands need to make note of.

#3. Your Role in Converting Brands Into Business

To get the most value out of your next trade show or event you need to develop insight into your company’s sales and marketing priorities. Aligning your trade show and events with their efforts will help ensure your company’s success. Learn more about converting brands into business in this great article from Trade Show News Network.

#4. 7 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Engagement

Do you want to get more people interacting and creating real conversations on your social media channels? Here are seven simple steps you can take to improve your social media engagement and start connecting with your audience on a deeper level.

#5. Newbie Tip: Using Twitter to Get the Most Out of Trade Shows

Twitter is a great tool for brand’s to use in order to increase interaction with conference attendees at a trade show. Utilizing this tool can help you find customers before, during and after the show. Check out these seven tips to ensure your next trade show is a huge success.

#6. 7 B2B Companies to Admire for Exceptional Visual Content

I wanted to end this week on a visual note! Often B2B marketers can feel discouraged when it comes to creating visual content. Creating compelling visual content for your business can increase engagement online and help drive sales even for B2B companies that feel like visual content is a waste of time. Here are seven B2B companies that I hope will inspire you to start creating exceptional visual content.

Web Design, Trade Show & Marketing Roundup: April 2, 2013

weekly-roundup-april2Spring is here! It is far to easy to get distracted this time of year day dreaming about the warmer days ahead, vacations and finally being able to relax and enjoy the weather. That is why we help keep you up-to-date and on track with all things related to web design, trade show exhibits and marketing with our Weekly Roundup. Never miss a great article again! Here are six must-read articles from last week:

#1. Our New Look: More Ways to Discover What You Love

Pinterest has a new look! Last week, Pinterest rolled out their new design to all users, which helps make discovering things on the site a lot easier. With bigger pins and a simplified user interface, Pinterest is taking great steps into making this a social media site hard even more engaging. Check out the new redesign.

#2. Five Ideas to Steal from EXHIBITOR 2013

Finding meaningful ways to connect brands with attendees was the top priority of many who attended EXHIBITOR 2013, the world conference and exhibition for trade show and corporate event marketers. Find out how these five ideas from EXHIBITOR 2013 work to facilitate face-to-face interaction and help you adopt a winning strategy at your next trade show.

#3. How to Set Up A Facebook Page for Business

Creating a Facebook page for your business is more important than ever. Facebook is helping businesses become more discoverable and gain greater exposure in search engines. How do you set up those business pages? Here is a great tutorial from SocialMedia Examiner showing you how to get started.

#4. The Essential Cheat Sheet for Social Media Cover Photo Dimensions [+Pre-Sized Templates]

Visual content has become a force to reckon with in marketing. The popularity of websites like Instagram and Pinterest have influenced Facebook’s redesign, which has a greater emphasis on images. Here is a great cheat sheet on how to create visual content that is sized appropriately for all of the popular social media sites.

#5. Small Booth Success

When it comes to having an effective booth, size is irrelevant. Sometimes having a big idea will outweigh the size of your exhibit space. Here are five small booth examples that prove small booths can be successful at a show.

#6. inTouch Interactive Touchscreen

Touch screen technology has become all the rave in trade show exhibiting in recent years. One really cool product we came across recently  is the inTouch Interactive Touchscreen. This new touch screen technology allows for customized company branding, increased client ROI with detailed attendee contact information, easy integration of social media into your exhibit space and much more. Watch the quick video below to get a glimpse of the inTouch system in action.

Web Design, Trade Show & Marketing Roundup: March 25, 2013

weekly-roundup-march25Each week, we scour the web looking for the very best articles on web design, social media, marketing and trade show exhibits to share with you in our Weekly Roundup. Never miss a great article again! Here are seven noteworthy articles that you might have missed.

#1. How to Survive Google’s Pending Panda Update

Google is planning another update for their Panda and Penguin algorithms. HubSpot did a great job recapping all things Panda so that you can be ready for the pending update. Are you ready?

#2. 7 Simple Steps to Writing Great ‘How To’ Content on Your Blog

Do you know how to write ‘How To’ content for your blog? For many, it seems like writing a how to or tutorial style blog post is a struggle. Lucky for us, our friends over at Problogger gave us a few simple steps to follow when creating this type of content.

#3. How to Use Google+ to Improve Search Traffic

Since the launch of Google+ more than a year and a half ago, a personal element has been added to search. Long gone are the days when the number of backlinks gave you more traffic from the famous search engine. Here a few suggestions on making Google+ work for your search traffic.

#4. 7 Levels of Social Media for Trade Show Marketers

Whether you are new to social media and trade show marketing or an expert, there is always room for growth.  You should be constantly looking for new ways you can expand your reach, influence, relationship and results. Check out these seven levels of social media marketing that will help your brand grow.

#5. 8 Ways to Execute Your Brand’s Story Online

Your brand’s story conveys its message, builds credibility, establishes a vision and builds lasting customer loyalty. Telling a great story will help customers remember your company. Here are 8 ways you can execute your brand’s story online and build lasting relationships with your customers.

#6. 9 Guaranteed Ways to Make Industry Events Worth While

The trade show industry raked in a whopping $13 billion in revenue last year. A lot of that money came from attendees. Check out these nine guaranteed ways to make your next trade show event feel a little less awkward, give you a sense of purpose and make sure it is not a wasteful experience.

#7. The Hashtag Revolution

Hashtags are used to share valuable information, pictures, videos, and can help connect people at conference or events. Having a hashtag strategy is more important for event professionals than ever before. Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr and of course Twitter all use hashtags and Facebook is soon going to jump on the bandwagon. Guarantee an instant presence on social networks by using short and sweet hashtags.

Web Design, Trade Show & Marketing Roundup: March 18, 2013

weekly-roundup-march-18With March Madness in full swing, I am sure there a few great articles that you might have overlooked. Good thing we’ve got you covered with our Weekly Roundup! Here are some great articles from last week on web design, trade show exhibits, marketing and social media that you might have missed.

#1. Pinterest Introduces Analytics Platform

Pinterest Web Analytics is here! Now brands can see how many people have pinned content from their site, which content is the most popular to pinners and so much more. Tracking user engagement on Pinterest just got a whole lot easier. Find out what pinners are sharing from your site.

#2. 8 Ways Your Content Strategy Should Change with the New Facebook News Feed

Facebook’s new News Feed will have major implications on how fans engage with brands on the popular social network. Before the News Feed redesign rolls out to all users, check out these eight marketing takeaways and adjust your content strategy to take advantage of the News Feed changes.

#3. New First Stop For Hacked Site Recovery

Unfortunately, there are cybercriminals on the web looking to hack sites for spammy purposes. If your site is one that falls prey to these criminals, Google is there to help with a new informational series for hacked sites. With more than a dozen articles and an hour of video, Google has created a great go-to resource for sites that have been compromised.

#4. Infographic: A Cheat Sheet to Increase Brand Engagement on Twitter

The ‘Twitter Cheat Sheet’ gives brands tips on the best times and ways to tweet to maximize their engagement potential. Get the most out of your marketing efforts on Twitter by increasing your engagement rate.

#5. Looking Forward to Exhibitor 2013

Exhibitor 2013 kicked off yesterday at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. All of the large exhibiting companies are showing off their newest products and services. Moss Inc is unveiling four new products that we are really excited about. Checkout the new materials and configuration possibilities for your trade show exhibit in 2013.

Web Design, Trade Show & Marketing Roundup: March 11, 2013

weekly-roundup-march-11Each week, we round up the very best articles on web design, trade show exhibits, marketing and social media to help you stay up-to-date on the latest news. Never miss a great article again! Here are six noteworthy articles from last week.

#1. SEO Friendly WordPress in 12 Steps

Out of the box WordPress is not as SEO friendly as you might think. Here are a few easy steps you can take to make sure your site is search engine optimized.

#2. Inside Search

Find it hard to keep up with all of the rapid changes happening in search? Google recently released a new resource, Inside Search, that allows you to read about the latest improvements in search, get to know the faces and technology behind search and learn new search tips and trends. Staying up to date with the ever-changing world of search just got a whole lot easier.

#3. What Facebook’s New News Feed Means for Marketers

Last Thursday, Facebook revealed a major redesign to its News Feed. The big design overhaul is looking to make the page visually richer, give users new options to filter what they see based on categories and allow users to take more control of their Facebook homepage. What does that mean for brands? Learn what the new News Feed means for your marketing efforts.

#4. Google+ Rolls Out Design Changes Ahead of Facebook ‘New Look’ Launch

Facebook is not the only social network that is starting to roll out new changes. Google+ announced last Wednesday that it will begin gradually rolling out new features throughout their network as well. Among the changes are a new tab for local reviews, larger cover photos and the ability to easily update information via the About tab.

#5. 8 Businesses that Nail Social Media Brand Consistency

A lot of brands aren’t just using one social network to promote and market their brand. With all of the social media platforms available – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and plenty more – it is becoming increasingly more difficult to present a cohesive verbal and visual message across all channels. Check out these 8 businesses that nail brand consistency across multiple social media channels.

#6. How to Improve Site Navigation

A browsing experience is navigation. Clicking links takes you to other pages that will take you to more links. Your main navigation of your site is a doorway to your most important pages of your content. Improve your sites navigation in order for people to find your content and reduce your bounce rate.

Web Design, Trade Show & Marketing Roundup: March 4, 2013

weekly-roundup-march-4Last Friday marked our two-year anniversary! It is hard to believe how quickly the time has passed. From all of us at Neu Concepts, we want to send a very special thank you to all of you for making this dream a reality! Now onto the Weekly Roundup! Here are a few great articles from last week about social media, web design, trade show exhibits and marketing that you might have missed.

#1. Are You An Invisible Exhibitor?

At a trade show, it is essential to be seen in order to raise your company visibility and build your corporate image. Far to often, many exhibitors windup being invisible. Are you visible on the show floor?

#2. How to Optimize Your Facebook Page for Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search is steadily being rolled out to more and more users. Set your brand up for success by optimizing your page with these four easy steps.

#3. Common Creativity: Understanding The Rules and Rights Around “Free” Images on the Web

Free copyright images are gaining popularity on the web. However, “free” doesn’t necessarily mean “without cost.” Get the scoop on the six basic licenses within the Creative Commons library and make sure you don’t get in trouble for copyright infringement.

#4. How B2B Marketers are Benefiting from Facebook

B2B marketers reported they were far more likely to ramp up their engagement on LinkedIn and blogging platforms than Facebook in 2013. Although Facebook might not seem like a likely place for B2B companies to generate business, one new company, Y Scouts, is showing how they are leveraging Facebook to do just that. Checkout this interesting case study and see how this B2B company is benefiting from Facebook.